University of Nevada, Reno Wolfpack Logo Baseball Project

University of Nevada
Reno ,

Conceived as a project for the University of Nevada, Reno by Hain Enterprises in appreciation of the university's importance and contributions in the community, hardscape contractor Mark Hain designed the project, as well as donated the material and labor to create this intricate design for the UNR Wolfpack baseball stadium. The project contains some 2400sf of Basalite San Francisco Cobble in Positanocolor and laid in an I- pattern. The baseball was created with specially made white San Francisco Cobble rectangles. The wolf is done in the same paver, but in lamp black. The teeth of the UNR,s mascot, Wolfie were meticulously cut by hand and inset. The stitching is in Chili Pepper Red Mission style pavers and Hain even included the detail of cutting arcs into the pavement t where the leather would normally come together in the stitching and create a seem.

2015 HNA Award Winner- Concrete Paver- Commericial- Size Less than 15,000 sf