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Jackson Healthcare - Northwinds

Contractor: Surfaces Group
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Site Solutions

Modular pavers in the color Avondale to accent the surrounding Italian architecture.  Product laid specifically to eliminate cuts. Clean inlaid look of the Moduline within a Lafitt paver field to give a stunning finish both from ground and areal views.

Texas Rangers North Plaza

Contractor: AIM Paving & Construction
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: SWA

The paving pattern of the Texas Rangers North Plaza consists of macro-scale banding that is reflective of the structure of the new ballpark. Massing of color, texture and pattern in the bands expresses the complexity of the orthogonal design language at varying scales within the plaza itself.

Mount Carmel Brewing Company

Contractor: Evans Landscaping
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: Julia Pentecost

Stonegate wall and Panorama pavers, in natural tones and textures, evoked indigenous limestone and helped attract guests outside to socialize and relax by the water.

Palmer Field

2019 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Commercial - Size less than 15,000 sf

Contractor: Torrison Stone and Garden
Manufacturer: Cambridge Pavers
Designer: Brian Murphy, Landscape Architect, PLA, ASLA

The floodplain location needed to have specific drainage and a deep base under the pavers and engineered soil for the trees. Proper footings were designed for the addition of a new Homeplate shaped seating area and team logo wall. Specific measurements needed to be precise for the repeat grid pattern.

Phoenix Corporate Center

2019 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver - Commercial - Size less than 15,000 sf

Contractor: European Pavers Southwest Inc
Manufacturer: Belgard

Confluence Park

2019 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Commercial - Size more than 15,000 sf

Contractor: Cribley Enterprises
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designers: Lake Flato Architects and Rialto Studio

Park design evokes different elements of the South Texas ecosystem and encourages the community to explore.  Walkways and common areas use lighter colored pavers to complement concrete petals representing native flowers.  Four different inlay patterns, including Cairo tiling, were used to create an intricate network of branches and curves.  

Confluence Park

2019 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Permeable

Contractor: Stonecreek Hardscapes
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: Wenk Associates

Shoemaker Plaza , the park’s promenade, has been redesigned for compliance with the ADA, to provide safer access to the river, and upgrade its appearance. Holland Permeable Pavers in 4x8 and 5x10-inch sizes render a colorful waterfront mosaic of sections and levels that mirror the hues of the surrounding building facades.   

Travis at the Lake Apartments

2019 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver - Permeable

Contractor: Tuscany Pavers LLC
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: Open Air Studios

Installed pavers reflect the natural colors found in the surrounding Texas hill country and the color palette used in the community’s building.  The modern outdoor furniture, pergola, and accent pieces speak to the project’s cohesive design intent; all coordinate perfectly with the colors and surface texture selected for the pavers.

SkyDeck at the Gatlinburg Sky Lift

2019 HNA Awards Winner - Combination of Hardscape Products - Commercial

Contractor: Hickory Hardscapes
Manufacturer: Belgard

The SkyDeck at the Gatlinburg Sky Lift was completed in 2019 and includes 6,000 sqft of Belgard Anchor Diamond 9D, 29,000 sqft of Belgard Anchor Diamond Pro, 20,000 sqft Belgard Aqua-Bric Type 4 Permeable Paver System, and 4,000 sqft of Belgard Mega-Stone manufactured by Adams an Oldcastle Company.