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Houston Residence


Houston Residence United States

2017 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential - Size less than 4,000 sf

Contractor: Precision Landscapes
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Precision Landscapes

The customer requested a functional and inviting backyard living space for entertaining and relaxing.  Precision Landscapes put so much detail into this project, including taking pavers and using them vertically to create a backing for the seating area around the fire pit.

Lafitt Grana Slab Beauty


Cimerron Golf Community
Georgetown ,
TX United States

Lafitt Grana Slab in the Desert Sand - outdoor living area with Weston walls, lighted pillars, steps, fire pit and seat walls

Aziz Residence


Woodland Hills ,
CA United States

This project, approximately 1,500 sq/ft, was done in a spacious backyard in Woodland Hills, California. We used Angelus Castle Cobble in Gray Charcoal and Cream Brown Charcoal to completely transform the pool deck, planter walls and steps to create a luxurious hidden oasis. These pavers aim to deliver home beautification through incorporating the rustic look and feel of natural stone. Angelus has achieved this design by using a tumbled stone paver with a softened edge.

Barron Residence


Calabasas ,
CA United States

This project is for the Barron Residence in the beautiful, sunny hills of Calabasas, California. For this project, our Go Pavers team used Belgard Mega Bergerac pavers stones in both Bella and Tosacana colorways. These pavers carry a pastoral style that calls back to a time of hallowed Roman stone design sensibilities. The time-honored dimpled surface of these pavers are inspired by the earlier work of ancient stone craftsmen.

Post Oak Community


Atlanta, GA United States

The permeable paver design was required to meet the impervious cover limitations and water quality requirements at Post Oak Community.  The Pavestone Eco-Venetian was selected as the 4-piece combo provides a striking visual interest to the pavement.  The designer, Watts & Browning Engineers out of Marietta, Georgia, was also able to manage storm drainage and provide stormwater detention with the benefit of an aesthetic that matches the design of the new homes while complimenting the surrounding existing homes.  The warmth of the Chattanooga Sandstone color includes the earth tones of bu

Hot Tub Movie Theater


Wayne, NJ United States

The fire place is 17' tall at its highest point and 22' wide at the base.  Stone veneer covers a steel structure and the fireplace is finished with wood holders on either side of the hearth. The new additions to the pool and main paver area had to be incorporated in such a way so as to maintain the artistic flow of the backyard without compromising the structural stability of the area.

2016 HNA Award Honorable Mention Honoree: Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential (size more than 4,000 sf)

Collo Backyard Retreat


Ashburn, VA United States

The client wanted to have a backyard worthy of a “staycation," The backyard had a 12 ft elevation drop from deck to fire pit area and a large water issue. Re-grading, dry creek and sump pump were used to eliminate the water issue.  The contractor also had to leave the ability to integrate future pool house. The project took 6 months and during that time had multiple cold spells and deep snows that extended the project.

2016 HNA Award Honorable Mention Honoree: Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential (size more than 4,000 sf)

Baltazar Residence


Wilbraham, MA United States

There is a series of retaining walls and levels of patios that create several outdoor rooms and functions. The overall design and curve of each of the 10 walls was worked on with purpose – some creating niches for more intimate areas, some for slightly expanded areas and some as connections between spaces. The chosen materials were meant to all blend and work together with the attention going to the vanishing edge pool as an accent and the view beyond it.

2016 HNA Award Winner: Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential (size more than 4,000 sf)

Honeysuckle Lane Residence


Appleton, WI United States

2016 HNA Award Honorable Mention Honoree: Concrete Paver - Residential Size More than 3,000 sf

Contractor/Installer: CLA Landscaping
Product Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation