What to Expect

Know what to expect during the delivery, set-up and installation of your segmental pavement project.

Delivery and set-up

  • Your contractor should work with you to identify an accessible area for the delivered pavers, crushed stone (aggregate) and bedding sand.
  • Your contractor should follow your local municipality's regulations (and Homeowner's Association, if applicable) regarding temporary street storage of pavement materials.
  • Be sure the contractor contacts the local utility location service to mark undergound utilities.  This service will generally not locate lawn irrigation pipes.  Assist the contractor by identifying sprinkler lines that others have installed.
  • You should be present when materials are delivered to ensure access to your home during construction and convenient access for the contractor's equipment.


  • As the crew begins work, there will be some dust, dirt and noise from the equipment that removes the old pavement and excavates and places the new base, bedding sand and pavers.
  • Keep all doors and windows closed during construction.
  • Keep all pets and children away from the construction area.
  • Alert your neighbors so they can do the same.
  • Confirm paver pattern, color(s) and anticipated cuts along the edges with the contractor prior to laying pavers.  If a driveway is planned, do not leave your car in the garage. Your contractor can advise you on the best parking location for cars away from the crew and construction equipment.

Daily site inspection

  • At the end of each day, spend a few minutes discussing the progress with the project foreman. The foreman should briefly describe work anticipated for the next day.
  • Be certain that the pattern, color blend, cuts and detail work meet your expectations.
  • If you have changes, notify the contractor in writing immediately and have him provide a written change order. Change orders may require additional supplies, labor and expenses. Be clear on your expectations.
  • Inspect the site once the crew has completed its daily clean-up. The crew should remove tools, loose pavers and construction debris. Notify the project foreman of any areas that need additional attention.
  • Upon project completion, walk the site with the foreman for your final inspection. Communicate any details that need attention.
  • Use the contractor checklist during your daily and final inspection. Ask your contractor about care and maintenance of your new pavement. When cleaning or sealing your pavers, use products formulated specifically for concrete pavers.